Vroom is an iOS game that you can and totally should buy on the App Store, and is our first commercial product as well as our first app. It’s a racing and vehicular-zombie-flattening game based on our Half-Life 2 modification, Shotgun Sunrise. The game was developed over roughly four months, on a budget of $0.00. Maybe less. Probably less. It is built on the Unreal Development Kit.

In Vroom you’ll drive the Shotgun Sunrise truck around three (so far) tracks, revelling in your extermination of loathesome undead.

We’re hoping you enjoy the game. If you don’t, tell us why so we can make it better.

Update: Now also available on PC!

Leave your extravagant praise and/or scathing criticisms in a review, or even better, email me, at


Developed by
Joe Wintergreen-Arthur – Project Lead, Level design, All Kinds Of Other Crap
Jorn van de Beek – Lead Programmer
Matt Pierson – Lead Modeller/Animator
Featuring the incredible musical stylings of
Jonathan Yandel
and the renowned voice-acting prowess of
Dave Kirby
and also a loading screen by
James Benson
and a logo created by
Flay Downes
with thanks to
Epic Games, James Benson, Aaron Ellsworth, Gabe Newell, Erik Johnson, Nikita Vanderbyl, the classy folk of the Penny-Arcade forums, Andrew Quinn, roscoetoon from freesound.org, boteman, benboncan, Jeff of Wonderfully Awful, everybody who liked Shotgun Sunrise

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