Vroom! Now Works With The Computer You Have At Home

Assuming your computer has Windows on it, that is – Mac version probably coming soon, though.

A few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to do a PC version of our iOS game Vroom!, which was based on our Half-Life 2 mod Shotgun Sunrise. So I made said PC version, only a couple of bugs with it didn’t get fixed until more recently. So now, here it is! All the fun of the iOS game but more so – better graphics, more zombies, all that good stuff.

Download it here.

Update: It’s also on Desura now. Desura is pretty sweet, you should get the client.

Vroom now free on iOS; Also, New InFlux Stuff

InFlux continues according to plan. Here’s a new screenshot of a new area, the forest. The trees and foliage assets in this area are mostly by Alex McDonnell, who lances freely in the Melbourne area. James Benson is also going to be doing some animation for our whale, bless his little Scouse heart.

Also, here’s a sweet new glasshouse.

The mobile version is also coming along pretty well:

I attended E3 this year, and met a bunch of cool guys from a bunch of cool companies. I made a quick video of the game to show around E3 on the iPad, and it was quite well received. Here’s that:

Also, meeting Chet Faliszek and making sure Gabe Newell knew his beard was awesome.

In unrelated news, Vroom!, our iOS game, went free last week. Since then it’s been downloaded 55,596 times (more actually, iTunes’s stats aren’t real-time), which is super rad. Hopefully, our customers are being provided with adequate amusement. Also, I was bored the other night so I made a Windows/Mac version. There’s a couple of bugs to be fixed with it, and then I’m thinking I’ll probably put it on the internet for free – or maybe some kind of Pay-If-You-Want system.

I think that’s it – enjoy, Internet!

InFlux being funded by Film Victoria, needs a 3D artist. Also, woo!

There’s good news on the internet, as we’ve just started receiving funding from Film Victoria’s Games Investment Programme to develop our ball-rolling puzzle-and-exploration game InFlux. Film Victoria are a bunch of cool people, and if you’re an indie developer in Victoria you should absolutely apply for it next time ’round.

Having this money means I can pay Victorians to work on the game, and already the pace is picking up some. We’re also looking for a 3D artist. To quote that link:

Impromptu Games, a small indie dev currently being funded by Film Victoria, is after a contracting 3D modeller to create high quality models, mostly environmental props, for an Unreal Development Kit project. If you’re interested in helping to create environments from concept art like this – http://tinyurl.com/76k6mja – we’d like to hear from you.

Applicants will need:
-To create high quality, reasonably low-poly textured models, from concept art and/or your boundless imagination
-To work efficiently and independent and deliver tasks promptly
-To live in Victoria

Applicants will not need:
-experience on three shipped titles

Send portfolios to: joewa@impromptugames.com

Probably expect more news more often!