Spacething: A New Project With A Playable Build


If you’ve been following my twitter or personal blog of late, you may be aware of Spacething. It’s a project I’ve been working on on-and-off for a couple of months, where you renovate a spaceship and talk to a sassy shipboard computer. I have a lot of ideas for where it might end up going, but for now, all you can do is walk around the ship and ask the computer to make whatever renovations you want.

I’ve started putting super early builds up for public consumption and feedback, so here is one. Expect bugs! If you make something cool, tweet a screenshot with the hashtag #spacething. You can also share savegames, check the readme.

Download link.

Additionally, I have a Patreon now. If you have high hopes for Spacething, you can help pull it along by pledging some amount there. Any future public builds will be posted on and twitter.


Enthusiastic tweets from Freeplay Parallels:

InFlux Sample now on the UE4 Marketplace

The UE4 marketplace recently came up, and as of even more recently, you can get an InFlux example game from it. It includes two updated versions of environments from the original UE3 version of InFlux – the opening beach and part of the volcano finale – which you can roll around in as the InFlux ball. All the ball’s abilities – boosting, pushing and pulling objects, etc – have been replicated using Blueprint, and said Blueprints are well-commented, so you can easily find out how everything works.